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What Are His Chances? Deciphering Bernie

As the election trail continues to unravel, many believe Bernie may have sunk his own ship recently. On what appeared to be a grand point about Hillary Clinton's preparedness to serve as President, he may have undermined his own authority in that very question.

According to a story on RAW Story

What little chance Sanders still has depends upon his campaign persuading superdelegates to jump on his bandwagon. But that bandwagon hit a couple of potholes over the last 36 hours because Bernie and his campaign manager both said some very dumb things — and Sanders did a face-plant in an interview with the New York Daily News — all of which should give superdelegates, many of whom also happen to be Democratic officeholders, pause.

Tuesday night, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver warned the Clinton campaign to not, “destroy the Democratic Party to satisfy the secretary’s ambitions to become president of the United States.”

This, of course, is laughable aimed as it is at a candidate who has garnered more than 2.4 million more votes than her rival, but also coming from a campaign that has given zero, nada, nothing, bupkis, zilch to down-ticket Democratic candidates for their own campaigns while Clinton has kicked in close to $30 million. In fact Sanders — who pulled in a cool $44 million in March – admitted that he chose to run as a Democrat for the money.


The long hard road may be coming to an end for Sanders, but what do you feel are his chances? RESPOND!


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